Paving the Way Forward for Athletic Programs

Published On: May 7, 2021

One thing for sure is that the athletics communications department everywhere have seen rapid changes in recent years that stretched resources.

As Dr. Kiki Baker Barnes at Dillard University recalls it was a rapid progression of increasing responsibilities. “You go from print media guys that were like 50 to a hundred pages to now. It’s like, well, we just need the website. And we need to be able to download things that it needs to be in a PDF. And now there’s the social media thing that’s happening. And not only do you have to do the writing and we still want the media guy, but now you’ve got to keep a website updated. And now, Oh, by the we’ve got social media and you’ve got to be there too, because all the big boys are there. And not only that, but now we want to watch the games where we are, and we want you to be able to do that too. And no one ever said, well, we’re going to provide you some training one, because you got to think they had been in his job all this time. All you could see is Athletic Directors saying, well, we want to do what they’re doing too, without really understanding that there was no training, there were no solutions.” That’s where PrestoSports came in.

“They had a unique understanding of those of us who are actually working in the field and gave us a practical solution to help us be able to level that playing field and compete in the digital world. That’s the cool thing about PrestoSports.”

Hear more from Dr. Barnes and how she has been able to help her team navigate the changing sports communication environment in the interview below.